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13 May, 2016 - 13:23
  • Discuss several reasons why marketers continue to have a hard time understanding, predicting, and explaining consumer behavior.
  • Based on your understanding of motives, develop some general guidelines or directives for practicing marketing.
  • How can marketers influence a person's motivation to take action? How can they facilitate learning?
  • Define an attitude. Discuss the components of an attitude. What are the implications for marketing?
  • Distinguish between high-involvement and low-involvement decision making.
  • Present a diagram of the consumer decision process. What is the role of marketing in each stage of this process?
  • What are the differences between the consumer decision-making process and organizational decision-making process?
  • Assume that you are training a salesperson to sell industrial products. Although this salesperson has a strong track record, she has been selling consumer products. What would you emphasize during training?
  • Explain how complexity of the product influences the buying decision process.
  • Why are opinion leaders so important to marketers? Discuss how marketers could use this type of individual in prompting a decision.