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Learning and Teaching Expo 2015 (Booth K05)

16 November, 2015 - 09:52

The "Open Textbooks for Hong Kong" Project will showcase Open English at booth K05 and conduct a seminar for teachers (Seminar Theatre II) at the Learning and Teaching Expo 2015

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A.            Open English at booth K05

We will showcase Open English (Key stages 1 to 4) at booth K05. By visiting our booth, visitors can:

1.          Learn about our textbooks and teaching supports for teachers;

2.          Grasp some ideas of the content design and multimedia technologies of the Open English series;

3.          Receive souvenirs and some FREE copies of theOpen English series;

4.          Discuss with us about the adoption of Open English at your schools; and

5.          Register for the project's upcoming events for teachers.

B.            Seminar for teachers on day 1 (10 Dec 2015)

In order to promote the adaptation of open-sourced materials for school-based curriculum, Dr Eva Tsang, our project manager and the Deputy Director (Learning and Teaching) of OUHK, will conduct a seminar at Seminar Theatre II on 10th December 2015. The topic is Re-designing School-based Materials in the Digital Age Learning Environment 重新設計校本教材 配合數碼科技時代.


Project events at the Learning and Teaching Expo: 






10th Dec 2015 (Thursday)      

10:10am –10:45am

Seminar: Re-designing School-based Materials in the Digital Age Learning Environment

Dr. Eva Tsang
Deputy Director (Learning and Teaching) , OUHK
Project Manager of Open Textbooks for Hong Kong Project


Seminar Theatre II

Hall 5B & C,
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

10am – 6pm

A showcase of The Open Textbooks for Hong Kong Project

Booth K05

11th Dec 2015 


10am – 6pm

12th Dec 2015 (Saturday)    

10am – 5pm

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