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31 December, 2015 - 15:09

Welcome to this free courseware topic, 'Manufacturing systems'!

This topic is taken from Unit 1 of one of our OUHK distance learning courses, TC S362 Manufacturing and Inspection Technologies. TC S362 is one of the core courses of the BSc/Bsc (Hons) in Product Design, Testing and Certification programme. The course provides comprehensive coverage of the technologies used in the manufacturing and inspection processes of goods. It is a one-semester, higher level course with a credit point value of 5.

Units in OUHK courses normally contain various elements to enhance the content, such as activities, self-tests, figures and assigned readings. You can find most of these elements in the courseware here so that you can have a taste of what an OUHK course is like. In addition to this topic on manufacturing systems, the original unit also contains topics on the major manufacturing processes and their management, manufacturing industry categories and quality assurance.

TC S362, like most OUHK courses, is presented in the distance learning mode using print-based materials. The materials for this free courseware have been specially adapted to make them more suitable for studying online.

In this module, we will look at how manufacturing systems have developed over the years, comparing and contrasting the various systems that have sprung up in different countries. We will then move into the present as we study four modern manufacturing systems that are commonly used: mass production, just-in-time manufacturing, lean manufacturing and flexible manufacturing.

The module should take around 4 hours to complete, including time spent on activities and self-tests.