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15 January, 2016 - 09:13
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Good inquiry tends to lead to more inquiry. One of the main goals of reflecting on the inquiry you just finished is to identify questions that it raised for you that might become future inquiry questions. As you reflect on where this inquiry has left you, here are some points that you may want to consider:

  • Do you feel ready to try setting the questions for your own music-learning inquiries? If not, what is missing? Would it help to do more practice in classifying questions? (If so, try doing the question-classifying inquiry above, but starting with the question about music that most interests you right now.) Would it help to do more inquiries that set the question for you? (If so, try ***Listening to Unfamiliar Music***.)
  • Do you still have questions about musical influences that you would like to follow up with another inquiry?
  • Was one of the "too difficult" questions something that deeply interests you and that you might want to use as a long-term inquiry goal?
  • Did you run into problems that suggest that you might benefit from guided practice in other inquiry steps, for example, Types of Music Knowledge, Finding Useful Music Resources, Creative Responses to Music Inquiry, Getting Feedback on your Music Project, Positive Music Critique, or Assessing a Music Inquiry