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15 January, 2016 - 09:13
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This inquiry will actually focus on two questions. The main question is: what kinds of resources can I find to answer my questions about music, and how useful will they be in answering my questions?

In order to explore the answer to that question, you should choose a question about music to use as a focus for this investigation. This inquiry will be most useful if you choose a question that:

  1. Is a good question for a formal inquiry (see Designing Inquiry Questions);
  2. Is about a musical tradition, genre, style, composer, or performer that you would like to know more about; and
  3. May have more than one reasonable answer. This inquiry asks you to consider the relative trustworthiness of different sources. This is a much more interesting exercise when some sources give different answers. Is there a confusion that you have about music because different sources appear to give different answers? Do you know of a controversy, for example, about how to perform a certain style of music, how to learn a certain skill, or how to categorize a certain composer's work? Or can you think of a question that might be answered differently by experts in different music traditions?