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15 January, 2016 - 09:13
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For this inquiry, design and create a project that requires you to do something that you could not do before you studied the information in your sources. Here are some suggestions:

  • A musical composition, improvisation or performance that demonstrates what you have learned. Be prepared to discuss and show how your creation demonstrates the answer to your question. If you can use music to demonstrate more than one point of view, that is even better!
  • A presentation that compares at least two different views of the subject that you have been researching. This could be a poster, slide show, or written report.
  • A report that answers the question you asked. This can be a text, speech, video, or slide show report. Do not simply borrow explanations from your favorite sources; actively synthesize your own point of view from multiple sources. Include musical examples if possible.
  • A research guide to the specific resources that you found useful. Include a brief description of what you learned from each one, and be sure to include enough citation information (URL, doi, author and publisher, recording information, and so on) that someone else could easily locate the resource. This guide could be a written report or a slide show presentation.