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15 January, 2016 - 09:13
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Your focus in this inquiry will be on discovering what kinds of creative activities help you to practice, understand, and/or remember what you have learned. There are five categories above, with eighteen suggestions for creative activities to demonstrate what you have learned. Read through all eighteen suggestions, looking for some that you are interested in trying. Make notes on each suggestion, for example, about how possible and how interesting you believe this activity would be, and how appropriate it is for the ideas and information you have just learned. (You can print this PDF to help you do this.)

Choose three activities, from three different categories if possible, and do short versions of all three (for example, a report might be two or three paragraphs, while a video might be one or two minutes long). Although you are doing miniature versions of each activity, try to do a good, presentable job on each one. For example, if you choose to do an artwork, do a small finished piece, not just a sketch or description of what you would do.