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15 January, 2016 - 09:13
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Music is a social activity. Even when you are making or listening to music alone, your experience is connected to what you have heard in other people's musical creations and performances, and what you have learned about their musical understandings, activities, and preferences. Whether you are learning to be a more-accomplished musician or a more-informed listener, it is important to get feedback, to connect your own musical journey to the understandings and expectations of others. However, as many young musicians stricken by "stage fright" can attest, this can be one of the most uncomfortable parts of learning about music.

It can be particularly challenging if you are trying to make progress on your own music learning goals and projects. Most music-learning programs include built-in opportunities for feedback: concerts, recitals, tests, or group discussions. If you are learning on your own, who might be willing and able to give you useful feedback? You will find in this module: