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15 January, 2016 - 09:13
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The "Discuss" step is the part of an Inquiry into Music: Course Home in which you get feedback, so this is the crux of this particular inquiry. Choose at least three people and arrange to present your creation to each of them, separately. As much as possible, try to choose different kinds of people, for example, one teacher/expert, one peer/bandmate, and one friend/relative.

Listen carefully to any feedback they want to give, but ask each one at least one specific question that should give you useful information about your "problem" or "goal." Work on your creation a little more with their suggestions in mind before you answer the "Reflect" questions.

If you are doing this inquiry as part of a class or group, report on and discuss your experiences with your group before making your final reflections. As a consideration toward your helpers, do not name them in your discussion. Refer to them in an anonymous way, for example, as "a friend" or "a fellow choir member."