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15 January, 2016 - 09:13
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To begin your inquiry, you must first come up with a question that genuinely puzzles and intrigues you about the way music is done. This should be a question about the cultural meaning of music, a "why" question. It can be a question about your own culture, a "Why do we..." question. For example, you may thoroughly enjoy Christmas caroling, but still wonder why people go caroling specifically at Christmas time. Or it may be a question about a culture, a time, or a group of people that does not include you, a "Why do they..." or "Why did they..." question. For example, you might wonder why orchestras began including a certain instrument in the nineteenth century; why the audience sang along with one piece at a concert, but sat quietly for the rest of it; or why your grandparents know how to do a dance that nobody else among your family and friends can do.