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15 January, 2016 - 09:13
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The following questions may help you decide where to concentrate your next inquiry:

  • Did your investigation raise any other questions in your mind, about that musical culture or its practices, questions that you would like to learn about next?
  • Did it raise any questions about non-musical cultural practices that you would like to learn more about (for example, questions about a religion, a national holiday, or a historical era)?
  • Did it raise any questions about the music itself, apart from the culture, that you would like to learn about next (for example, questions about music theory, notation, or performance techniques)?
  • Do the reasons given for doing things that way make sense to you? If they do not, did you dig deep enough to understand the point of view of those who gave the answers? If you rejected their point of view, what was it that made it seem incomprehensible or unreasonable? Are you interested in trying to better understand the other point of view, and how might you do so?
  • Did you discover substantial disagreements, for example about why something is done, how it should be done, or who should do it? Do you know where each viewpoint comes from, and who holds it? Do you have an opinion as to which view is correct, and why do you think so? Would you like to learn more about the controversy?