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Create, Share, Reflect

15 January, 2016 - 09:13
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As a group, the students should create a presentation that will clearly relate to the rest of the class the most important points that they have learned in their investigations. You may want to also require a written report that includes their answers to all of the research questions, and a reference list that includes all of the resources they used. The type of presentations you permit will depend on your goals for this activity as well as the equipment available to you and your students. You can require a particular type of presentation, or give groups a choice of format. Here are some suggestions for possible formats:

  • Poster or other visual presentation of their findings, with students taking turns speaking about the most important points
  • Powerpoint or other computer-based slide presentation, with student taking turns speaking about the information on the slides
  • Audio/video presentation or web tour, narrated by the group
  • Blackboard/whiteboard/overhead-based lecture with handouts, prepared and presented by the group
  • Mini-drama, acted out by the group, illustrating the most important information they have learned, accompanied by a more formal written report to be turned in to you
  • Poem, song, story, or visual work featuring what they have learned, to be presented and explained to the class, accompanied by a formal written report to be turned in to you

Groups will share their presentations and reflections in the presentation/discussion activity (in the following section).