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15 January, 2016 - 09:13
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The short-term organization of the sound from one moment to the next creates rhythm, audible groupings of the sounds in time.

  • Is the music organized into regular pulses? If so, name the meter, time signature, tala, or other organizing principle.
  • Are accents, articulation, and/or changes in dynamics crucial in creating or expressing the rhythm, form, or style of the music?
  • Are there any rhythmic devices (such as syncopation or borrowed divisions) that play an important part in the piece?
  • What specific rhythmic motives or ideas make this music distinctive, and how are they used in the development of the piece?
  • In what way is the organization of the rhythm typical of a particular style of music (for example, salsa, swing, or hard rock)? Is the rhythm atypical of this style in any way?