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9 June, 2015 - 15:31
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  • As of this writing, The Inquiry Page and had useful introductory information about inquiry-based learning.
  • Searches for "inquiry-based learning" will turn up journal articles on education research, as well as suggestions from other teachers for inquiry curricula in the classroom. You may want to focus on "inquiry based lessons" or "inquiry based lesson plans." If you want to know what research is revealing, inquiry methods and study findings depend a lot on the context; look for studies that happened in a similar situation to yours (for example, high school science classes). Keep in mind that "inquiry-based learning" is a very broad concept that different educator/researcher communities may define in different ways. If you are looking for help constructing lesson plans, you may want to search, for example, for "inquiry based learning science" or "inquiry based learning social studies". However, some educators feel that the division of the curriculum into subject areas is antithetical to the idea of inquiry; after all, an inquiry about music can easily generate questions about math, science, literature, history, or culture. If this makes sense to you, try looking for "inquiry based interdisciplinary learning". Finally, if you are interested in taking an inquiry/research approach to your own teaching (basically, researching/inquiring into how best to lead inquiries in your situation), try searching for "education action research".