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9 June, 2015 - 15:31
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Study the sets of answers on the three sheets. Look for patterns, connections, and themes. For example, does most of your knowledge come from one or two sources? Are you more confident about knowledge from a particular source? Can you group the questions that you could not answer into two or three categories? Are there types of knowledge that seem to be your strong points or weak points right now? Are the patterns the same or different on the three sheets? What you want to create is a way to organize this information so that it says something about you as a musician and music learner.

Create a single chart, diagram, map, outline, or sketch that shows the patterns, groups, connections, or themes that you are discovering. It may take you several tries to figure out how to arrange the information so that it clearly shows the patterns, groups and connections. Simply trying to arrange the information will help you think about it, so try out different arrangements or different types of charts or diagrams until you have something that you think clearly shows something about you as a music learner.