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9 June, 2015 - 15:31
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If you are doing this inquiry as part of a group or class, show your chart/diagram to the group. Explain what you think it shows about you as a music learner. Look and listen carefully to other people's presentations, and ask questions when you notice anything that is interesting, surprising, or unclear. After everyone has made their presentations, compare the various patterns and connections that were found and discuss the likely reasons for similarities and differences.

If you are not part of an inquiry group, try to find a way to discuss what you have discovered about yourself with someone who would be interested. One good way to interest people is to ask questions about the things that you don't know and gather advice, rather than talking about what you do know. For example, your music teacher might want to know that you feel your "ear" is not as advanced as your music-reading; or a friend might admit to having similar questions and suggest that you go to a concert together to try to learn more.