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13 May, 2016 - 13:23
  • Describe the role of external analysis in the strategic marketing planning process.
  • Of what importance is environmental scanning to marketing decision makers?
  • Several external forces were presented in this chapter. Describe each and provide a brief statement as to the importance of each of these to the marketing planner.
  • External agencies can provide valuable marketing services to marketing organizations. Under what circumstances do you think that a marketing organization might seek the services of an external agency like a distributor? A marketing research supplier? An advertising agency? A materials supplier?
  • Comment on the impact that the decline of mass marketing might have on marketing strategists for companies that have typically mass marketed products.
  • How should a marketing organization define its competition?
  • What role do plice competition and discount promotions play in the marketing of product? Do you think that the use of these strategies has been effective from the standpoint of organizations? Customers?
  • Briefly describe the impact that each of the following has on marketing activity: regulators, the economy, and technology.