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Product Features

13 May, 2016 - 13:23

In a functional sense, the key question is: "Does the product do what the consumer wants it to do?" Does it get clothes clean? Does it quench your thirst? Does it save you money? Some of these questions can be answered only through product research, but consumer research provides more answers.

While the development of ultra-high-speed photographic film was a research breakthrough, how the consumer perceives this benefit can be answered only by the consumer. It is possible that the product benefit is so great that it overwhelms the consumer or it is not believed by the consumer. Several new toothpaste manufacturers have recently come out with products that partially restore decayed tooth areas. They have intentionally kept this innovation very low-key because they feared the consumer would not believe it.

Product features include such factors as form, color, size, weight, odor, material, and tactile qualities. A new car can offer thousands of alternatives when one considers the exterior and interior options. The smell of fresh bakery products or a good Italian restaurant has clearly enticed many a customer. The product must also be aesthetically pleasing. When the entire product is put together, it must create an appealing, visually attractive and distinctive need-satisfier.