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13 May, 2016 - 13:23

Hershey Foods Corporation is making an unusual move in using national TV advertising for its chocolate milk, a product that historically has not received much ad support. The national TV commercial, which first aired in June 1983, was shot in 12 weeks in London by Clearwater Productions. Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB) in New York developed the commercial, which has been shown nationally on a children's network and in the early fringe time period.

"The commercial's creative; it's aggressive. It breaks one cardinal rule by not mentioning this new product until 75 per cent into the commercial. But the commercial works. We think its unique", says Bob Jeffery, DDB VP account supervisor. He admits that the Hershey packaging also has had an important consumer impact. "The carton practically screams chocolate."

According to Hershey sales figures, Hershey chocolate milk is the number-one chocolate milk in the country. These results are indeed admirable considering the gamble Hershey took with their chocolate milk. It was the first time Hershey had attempted to sell a premixed beverage or promote a product not under its direct control. Hershey is licensing the use of its name on the chocolate milk another big first for the company. Hershey sells powdered chocolate to large dairies which mix the product with their milk, package it, and handle distribution. Following strict standards, Hershey has selected only certain dairies to be licensed to use the Hershey chocolate powder and label. Each dairy must follow detailed specification on mixing. To make sure there are no slip-ups, Hershey has printed a toll-free telephone number for consumers to call if they have complaints about the chocolate milk.

For Hershey, the taste of success is sweet.


  • What type of innovation is Hershey chocolate milk?
  • How would you describe the product development process Hershey followed?
  • Describe any potential problems.