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13 May, 2016 - 13:23
  • List the basic objectives of marketing communication. Why is it often difficult for promoters to reach their objectives? Provide some valid reasons why marketers should pursue these objectives.
  • Assume that top management for General Equipment, Inc. hired you to determine if promotional opportunity exists for a fabricated part that has been developed for heavy-duty equipment. What criteria would you use as a basis of investigation?
  • Define the phrase "sales promotion". Cite some examples of how sales promotion can supplement or complement the other components of the IMC mix.
  • What steps might a public relations person take to prevent the firm from acquiring a negative public image?
  • Assume that you are the public relations director for a bank. Suppose that two people were robbed while withdrawing money from an automatic 24-hour teller machine. Develop a program in response to this incident.
  • How is the consumer's definition of advertising different from that of a businessperson's?
  • Give some examples of situations in which primary demand product advertising might be fruitful. When would selective demand product advertising be useful?
  • Assume that you have been charged with organizing an in-house advertising department for a growing consumer products company. The first task is to hire an advertising manager who will have ultimate responsibility. What responsibilities should be mentioned in the job description for this position?
  • Explain the difference between creative strategy and creative tactics.
  • List and describe the various types of appeals. Develop an appeal, as well as tactics to operationalize this appeal, for Old Spice Shave Cream.