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Correcting or Modifying the Channel

13 May, 2016 - 13:23

As a result of the evaluation process, or because of other factors as new competition, technology, or market potential, changes will be made in the channel structure. Because channel relationships have tended to be long-term, and the channel decision has such a pervasive impact on the business, great care should be taken before changing the status quo.

Terminations of channel members not performing at minimum performance standards should be employed only as a last resort. Corrective actions are far less destructive and maintain the goodwill that is so crucial in channel relationships. This requires that the channel manager attempt to find out why these channel members have performed poorly and then implement a strategy to correct these deficiencies.

Sometimes a producer decides that an entirely new channel needs to be added, or an existing one deleted. A manufacturer of camera accessories might decide that he wants to reach the skilled amateur market in addition to the professional photographer market. This would mean designing a different channel, and learning about a different set of intermediaries.