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Latest progress on Open English

30 June, 2016 - 10:01

The available samples are: 

Textbooks for primary schools 

Primary 3B Units 1-3; &

Primary 5B Units 1-2

Textbooks for secondary schools

Secondary 1 Unit 5; & 

Secondary 4 Unit 2.


How to access the sample units?

  • Login ID - Your ID is the same as the email address you provided to us during the sign up process.
  • Password -  After the sign up process, you will receive an auto-email in which there is a link directing you to set your password. If you have forgotten / have not set your password, please go to our project website, click login , insert your ID, and then click “forgot my password”.
  • Download Open English – Please go to our project website ► click login ► click “Textbooks for Primary Schools" or "Textbooks for Secondary Schools"  ►scroll down to choose the levels and units ►Click the orange button next to the book titles to download the sample units



Please contact Ms Wu (Tel: 2768 6484) if you have any questions.