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Section Fifty-nine: Conclusion, Continued

25 September, 2015 - 14:22

[O]ur original proposition remains, which is the result of the whole Critique: “that our Reason can never teach more by its principles apriorithan simply objects of possible experience, and even of these no more than what can be cognised in experience.” But this limitation does not prevent it from leading us to the objective boundaryof experience, namely, the reference to something which is not itself object of experience, but is nevertheless the highest ground of all experi- ence, without however teaching us anything respecting this in itself, but only with reference to its [viz., Reason’s] own complete use as directed to its highest end, within the field of possible experience. But this is also all the use that can be reasonably expected or even wished, as concerns it, and with this we have cause to be content.