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13 May, 2016 - 13:23

As noted, many of the parents of today's kids are the baby boomers marketers have been tracking for over 40 years. Primarily, their importance is based on their group's enormous size. Just as important, however, is that they have a great deal in common; some demographics, such as age, income, and health; some shared concerns such as college for their children, retirement, and diminishing health; and some behaviors such as voting Republican, eating out, and buying expensive walking shoes. Nevertheless, they still remain individuals who were brought up in a unique family and retain a personal way of thinking and behaving. The ultimate challenge facing marketers is to understand the buyer both as an individual and as a member of society so that the buyer's needs are met by the product offered by the marketer. The purpose of this chapter is to present a discussion of several of the key buyer behaviors considered important to marketers.