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The Baby Boomlet

13 May, 2016 - 13:23

Just like the baby boomers, the group of 72 million children of the baby boomers, called the "baby boomlet" or the "echo boom", is creating new waves of change. This group spans 1975 to the present. In 1995, the boomlet had 72 million people under age 19. It is 60 per cent larger than the baby boom. Even if 1995 is the final year for boomlet births, this generation will grow through immigration for several more decades. By 2015, the baby boomlet will again outnumber the boom.

The baby boomlets will acquire their own attitudes, often shaped by new technology and global changes. Global conversations on the Internet will change their outlook on the world. AIDS will change their attitudes toward relationship, marriage, and family. Real time information and the customization of the information will produce a very discerning consumer. Finally, their attitude will also be shaped by defining events. For instance, it will be a generation that expects terrorists acts, such as the Oklahoma City and the 1996 Olympics bombings. Memorable events will have a lasting effect on their outlook.