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13 May, 2016 - 13:23
  • Discuss the difference between the theories of the sorting concept and the postponement concept.
  • What are the five important “flows” that link channel members and other agencies together in distribution? Explain each type.
  • Define the following three channel functions: (1) transactional, (2) logistical, and (3) facilitating. What would happen to these functions if the middlemen were eliminated from the chain linking manufacturer to consumer?
  • Why are channels of distribution important for service products?
  • Compare the characteristics of the three forms of vertical marketing systems: administered, contractual, and corporate.
  • What are the advantages to wholesalers of contractual arrangements forming cooperatives with retailers? What the advantages to retailers?
  • What is an ancillary structure? What is its function in the distribution channel?
  • How do economic conditions of inflation, recession, and shortages impact upon the channel environment?
  • Discuss situations in which channel conflict may be desirable. How should conflict that produces negative effects be managed?