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Open English (Key stages 1 to 4) on Recommended Textbook List!

18 September, 2015 - 17:11

We are delighted to announce that Open English for primary schools, both Key Stages 1 and  2 are now on EDB's Recommended Textbooks List (RTL)! An electronic version (in PDF format) of the whole primary series will be available for FREE download at: starting February 2016.

We are also proud to let you know that Open English for secondary schools, both Key Stages 3 and 4 are on the RTL too. The electronic version (in PDF format) of the secondary series will be available for FREE download at: starting February 2016.

For details, please visit EDB's Recommended Textbook List and Open English (hardcopy) price information


Open English is a kind of open educational resource; so unlike common school textbooks, you cannot buy Open English in a bookstore. Teachers and students of Hong Kong local schools can print the textbooks themselves using the PDF file provided, or they can make arrangement with their own printers to print the books. They can also obtain their textbooks through either of the following ways:

​1. Individual purchase

In order to help schools to obtain textbooks at a low price, the Project Team of the Open Textbooks for Hong Kong has identified an on-demand printing company, Promise Network Printing Limited, which sells printed copies to individuals through its online website. This service will be available from February 2016.

2. Group purchase

The project team undertakes to arrange for the purchase of the textbooks for Hong Kong local schools on a group basis. Further details will be announced soon.


About the printing and delivery services can be made to Promise Network Printing Limited: 

Tel :3958 5961 or 3958 5977.

About the Open Textbooks for Hong Kong Project:

Tel: 2768 6484 or 2768 6482;