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About this module

31 December, 2015 - 15:40

Welcome to this free courseware module 'Streaming technology'!

This module is taken from the OUHK course COMP S888 Multimedia Technology, a 10-credit, postgraduate level course that is part of the Master of Science in Information Technology with Internet Applications and Master of Electronic Commerce programmes offered by the School of Science and Technology of the OUHK. The course contains practical activities and illustrative programs in the Java language to illustrate important concepts such as compression and coding, audio and image processing, and digital entertainment, all of which play a central role in multimedia system development and analysis. Since the field of multimedia is rapidly changing, students will also be directed to read related articles and resources available on the Internet to keep up with the latest developments.

COMP S888 is mainly presented in printed format and comprises ten study units. Each unit contains study content, activities, self-tests, assigned readings, etc. for students' self-learning. This module retains most of these elements, so you can have a taste of what an OUHK course is like. Please note that no credits can be earned on completion of this module. If you would like to pursue it further, you are welcome to enrol in COMP S888 Multimedia Technology.

This module will take you about six hours to complete, including the time for completing the activities and self-tests (but not including the time for assigned readings).

Good luck, and enjoy your study!