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Scholarships: § 117

30 July, 2015 - 11:48

Read § 117.

What justification do you see for the exclusion(s) provided by § 117? Some of you receive scholarship assistance on which you pay no federal income tax. Others do not receive such assistance and must work to be here. The wages that such students earn are subject to federal income tax.


Moldaur is the son of a professor at the Mega State University. Moldaur has enrolled at Mega State University. Tuition is $20,000 at Mega State University. Moldaur is entitled to a 50% reduction in his tuition because he is the son of a professor. In addition, Moldaur qualified for a Hilfen Scholarship under the state’s lottery-to-education scholarship program. The state collects lottery revenues and divides them equally among those who qualify for scholarships. This year, each scholarship recipient was credited with $14,000 towards tuition. The result for Moldaur is that he had a $4000 account surplus, which the university refunded to him.

  • Tax consequences to Moldaur? Read § 117(b)(1) and Reg. § 1.117-1(a) carefully.
  • Tax consequences to Moldaur’s father? Read § 117(d) carefully.


Do the CALI Lesson, Basic Federal Income Taxation: Gross Income: Scholarships.