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General Guidelines

6 May, 2015 - 11:54
  • Marketing managers must accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions
  • Managers should refrain from knowingly doing harm, adhere to all relevant laws and regulations, and accurately represent themselves, their firms, and their brands
  • Managers must make every effort to verify that their choices and actions serve the best interests of all related customers, organizations, and societies. Specifically they should:
    • Adhere to basic ethical guidelines stated above
    • Engage in honest and fair practices with clients, employees, and partners
    • Offer goods and services that are safe and fit for use
    • Refrain from advertising falsely and misleading consumers
    • Maintain market research integrity by adhering to market research guidelines
    • Respect consumers privacy rights and ensure confidentiality of information
    • Adhere to standards and guidelines of international marketing associations and to the legal requirements of governing bodies