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20 January, 2016 - 15:50

instance: A member of a set. The TurtleWorld in this chapter is a member of the set of TurtleWorlds.

loop: A part of a program that can execute repeatedly.

encapsulation: The process of transforming a sequence of statements into a function definition.

generalization: The process of replacing something unnecessarily specific (like a number) with something appropriately general (like a variable or parameter).

keyword argument: An argument that includes the name of the parameter as a “keyword.”

interface: A description of how to use a function, including the name and descriptions of the arguments and return value.

refactoring: The process of modifying a working program to improve function interfaces and other qualities of the code.

Figure 4.1 Turtle flowers. 
Figure 4.2 Turtle pies. 

development plan: A process for writing programs.

docstring: A string that appears in a function definition to document the function’s inter face.

precondition: A requirement that should be satisfied by the caller before a function starts.

postcondition: A requirement that should be satisfied by the function before it ends.