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What information is absorbed consciously vs. unconsciously?

18 November, 2015 - 17:13
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That is a critical question because there are many different types of emotional information. Something can be more important emotionally if the person simply cares about it more, or they could have a better understanding of the information because they have experience in that field.

What would be 'emotionally complex' pieces of information then? If the information is complex is it easier to understand consciously or unconsciously? Dogs often understand beforehand when their owner is going to go on a vacation, or many other complex ideas about social interaction. Dogs also understand if a person is being nice or cruel to them - does that mean that a humans understanding of kindness is at the same level as that of a dog? There must be more complicated ways a human understands what 'kindness' or 'cruelty' means than the understanding a dog has.

Maybe information that is 'subjective' is information that is consciously speculated. Unconsciously you simply get a feel for things, but you can guess about a lot of things verbally - are those guesses instinctual, 'gut' guesses or are they measured assessments? Is anything subjective a measured assessment? Saying 'that coat looks nice on that person' is subjective - the person isn't doing an analysis of who likes the coat on the person and who else thinks it looks good. They think it looks good - they didn't do a study of what type of person thinks it looks good. The information is subjective, it was triggered by their own emotions and motivations.