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Emotional Material is Unconscious and Factual Thinking is Conscious

18 November, 2015 - 17:13
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So therefore emotional material is unconscious and factual thinking is conscious. This is so because when you think about something you are thinking consciously, and that is a single point of information that you think as a 'thought'. If it is emotional or important it is unconscious because you can't think about your emotions, when emotions occur, they are physical processes that cause feeling. Thoughts can cause feeling, but only because they trigger emotions. So math is very logical, you can have a lot of thoughts about it but none of those thoughts necessarily have to trigger emotions because they aren't directly related. Historical fact is social, so it is probably going to be more emotional because it is more directly related to social interaction.

So a process like memory retrieval can be unconscious. When you are helped by your mind to remember a song, that is unconscious memory retrieval. When you try to remember something, that is more conscious. What is the line between unconscious and conscious then? Historical fact relates to a lot of things in your unconscious mind. If it relates to a lot of unconscious things, like emotional things or other things in your life you don't think about immediately, then it is more of an unconscious process. If it relates to things you easily remember then it is more of a conscious process.