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Conscious vs. Unconscious "Consciousness"

26 January, 2016 - 17:32
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So there is a big difference between the unconscious and the conscious mind. This difference is outlined with system 1 and system 2 dual process theories. It seems like the unconscious mind is more emotional and animal-like, while the conscious mind is more logical and human.

The function of the unconscious is regulate physical activity, and give your mind the feelings related to this physical action. People aren't ever completely using their conscious mind since there are always automatic processes occurring. Those could be considered to be being done unconsciously.

Feelings and thoughts are the primary things that are either conscious or unconscious - but all a minds processes are conscious or unconscious to different degrees.

In another article I talk about what processes are conscious or unconscious in any environment m51883. People can be aware of the world physically or mentally, and this difference also relates to the different mental processes (which each could be considered to be conscious or unconscious, physical or mental).