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Mental Reality and Physical Reality

23 November, 2015 - 09:07
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That means that there is a mental reality and a physical reality. Each has inputs and outputs from the mind.

My guess would be that each input or output has a 'experiential' quality and a cognitive quality. The cognitive quality would be how the factor is understood by your thinking and the experiential quality would be how the factor is understood by your feelings.

So experiences are understood by the mind more unconsciously and understood with feelings, while more temporary inputs from sensory stimulation are felt and understood by a persons thoughts.

Feelings are unconscious - so that is why the complicated aspects of the physical and mental world are going to be experienced and understood there (unconsciously).

Cognition and thought is more simple, so more temporary processes are going to be cognitive such as images and words - however the experience of an event and its experiential qualities are going to felt and processed unconsciously.