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Personnel Administration is About Relationships

30 December, 2015 - 11:47
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Class Objectives

  1. To focus on Thomas Hoerr's (2005) four components of leadership and relationships.
  2. Applying these four components to an observation and refection in the field.


  • Introduction and Chapter 1, The Art of School Leadership
  • Read Its About the People, Its Not About the Coffee
  • Discuss Field Activity #1

Field Activity #1

Observe your building principal over the next week and note any examples of her/him displaying signs of: (1) being inclusive, (2) being clear, (3) being fair to others, and (4) being someone who makes a difference. In the event any of these four characteristics is not being practiced, suggest ways your principal might exhibit them. Also, reflect and realize that these four behaviors do not come naturally but MUST BE intentionally practiced. Include strategies for making certain they are practiced frequently.


  • Include the name of your peer reviewer (other cohort member).
  • Instruct your peer reviewer to submit their review by the deadline (i.e., the face-to-face meeting following the assignment).
  • A hard copy of your assignment (in Word) due to the instructor the following face-to-face class session. Your peer reviewer has the same deadline.
  • NO LATE field activities accepted from either cohort member or peer reviewer.
  • As with all of our field activities/assignments, confidentiality is critical. No names of administrators, teachers, or staff from the field.
  • Each of the five field assignments must be peer reviewed by five separate reviewers.