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Structure of This Course

30 December, 2015 - 11:39
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Yes, there will be lots of reading and assignments in the field, BUT, a major unique and different component will be the series of "field studies and activities" targeting the purpose of providing you with a realistic practice field rather than the common procedure of immersing our certified administrators into the performance field and wish them good luck. Click Here for a Brief Clarification

Here are a list of class components that will help you conceptualize and understand "where we are going, and why?"

Class Structure

  • All class materials and assignments will be here in Connexions.
  • Each week's materials will include Class Objectives.
  • Each week's materials will include Class Assignments.
  • A total of five (5) field studies/activities will be required.
  • Weekly class sessions will alternate between Face-To-Face classes and WebEx Meetings on Line. **

** What is a WebEx Meeting Online?

  • Launch a meeting from any MS Office application.
  • Minimize travel expenses.
  • Video and Audio conferencing.
  • Instructor emails a convenient call-in number to each participant.
  • Students can participate from home or office.
  • Share your desktop content or applications with up to 15 attendees, and allow others to share theirs.
  • Equipment needed -phone and computer.
  • Each participant pays for their phone charge.

More About Required Field Studies/ Activities

  • The course requires five (5) independent field studies.
  • Essentially, one every other week, with the fifth one given an extended period of time to complete and which will serve as the Final Exam.
  • In addition to completing each field study, you will receive a peer review from one of your cohort members.
  • Each member of the cohort peer reviews five separate field studies throughout the semester and must submit them on the same deadline that the field study is due.
  • BOTH the student turning in the assigned field study and the peer reviewer receives a grade.
  • The student's grade for the field study will be a combination of the instructor's review and the peer review.

Here are two formal traditional descriptions of personnel administration: (1) a graduate catalogue description of a course taught at the master's level and (2) a textbook definition of human resources.

Example 1.1

Effective personnel administration requires knowledge of personnel law, organizational policy, administration theory, and an understanding of people and what motivates them. (Lamar University, Spring 2008)

Example 1.2

The goals of the "human resources" are basically the same in all school systems - to hire, retain, develop, and motivate personnel in order to achieve the objectives of the school district, to assist individual members of the staff to reach the highest possible levels of achievement, and to maximize the career development of personnel. (Rebore, R., 2007, p.11)