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The Ambiguity of Leadership and the Link to Personnel Administration

30 December, 2015 - 11:50
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Class Objectives

  • To consider the ambiguity of leadership's definition and measurement.
  • To understand the complexity and ambiguity of the principal's role.
  • To consider new strategies and criteria for selecting teachers and school leaders.


  • Read Jeffrey Pfeffer's The Ambiguity of Leadership
  • Re-read Roger Martin's Opposable Mind, Chapter 1, Choices, Conflict, and the Creative Spark.
  • Prepare a 2-5 minute presentation of your reflection and position.
  • Include your thoughts on alignment of Pfeffer's position and Martin's research.

Assignments Due

(1) Hard copy of Field Activity #1 to instructor, and (2) Peer Review submitted BY PEER REVIEWER. (note: keep electronic copies of all field activities - they will be used at the end of the semester). PEER REVIEWERS, click here: Submit Peer Review of Field Activity #1

The books written on leadership would fill up the largest of book shelves and likely number in the 1,000s. Jeffrey Pfeffer from Stanford University and Professor in the School of Business Administration, published The Ambiguity of Leadership in the Academy of Management Review, Volume 12, No. 1, in 1977. Though dated, it could have been written today.

Click here to access The Ambiguity of Leadership