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Field Activity #5

15 December, 2015 - 11:31
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Designing a Leadership Practice Field. The purpose of this field activity is to design an action plan for practicing the administration of personnel and instructional supervision. Some further guidelines follow:


  • Length of Field Activity #5 is "open" and will serve as the Final Exam.
  • You will have four (4) weeks to complete this Field Activity #5.
  • Strategies you design for your practice field should be realistic and applicable to the situation.
  • IMPORTANT: Recall the definition of a practice: "an activity that you do repeatedly to achieve a particular experience or outcome." Make certain that your Practice Field clearly identifies the "particular experience or outcome."
  • Your Practice Field will be published individually and collective in the Connexions Content Commons.

Some Further Suggestions

  • Though you are encouraged to be creative and produce a practice field that is applicable to your chosen topic and focus, I am including a couple models for you to read and inspect for possible formats.
  • You have a model to follow if it fits with your plan: A Leadership Practice Field, Creighton, Chapter 8.
  • Another model that might be helpful: Schools and Data Practice Field  1