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International HRM Considerations

30 October, 2015 - 15:52

Learning Objectives

  1. Be able to explain how the selection process for an expatriate differs from a domestic process.
  2. Explain possible expatriate training topics and the importance of each.
  3. Identify the performance review and legal differences for international assignments.
  4. Explain the logistical considerations for expatriate assignments.

In an international environment, as long as proper research is performed, most HRM concepts can be applied. The important thing to consider is proper research and understanding of cultural, economic, and legal differences between countries. This section will provide an overview of some specific considerations for an international business, keeping in mind that with awareness, any HRM concept can be applied to the international environment. In addition, it is important to mention again that host-country offices should be in constant communication with home-country offices to ensure policies and practices are aligned with the organization.