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Organizing the Performance Appraisal Process

28 October, 2015 - 16:44

While it will be up to the individual manager to give performance appraisals to employees, as an HR professional, it will be up to you to develop the process (which we have already discussed) and to manage the process. Here are some things to consider to effectively manage the process:

  1. Provide each manager with a job description for each employee. The job description should highlight the expectations of each job title and provide a sound basis for review.
  2. Provide each manager with necessary documents, such as the criteria and rating sheets for each job description.
  3. Give the manager instructions and ground rules for filling out the documents.
  4. Work with the manager on pay increases for each employee, if your organization has decided to tie performance evaluations with pay increases.
  5. Provide coaching assistance on objectives development and improvement plans, if necessary.
  6. Give time lines to the manager for each performance review he or she is responsible for writing.

Most HR professionals will keep a spreadsheet or other document that lists all employees, their manager, and time lines for completion of performance evaluations. This makes it easier to keep track of when performance evaluations should be given.

Of course, the above process assumes the organization is not using software to manage performance evaluations. Numerous types of software are available that allow the HR professional to manage key job responsibilities and goals for every employee in the organization. This software tracks progress on those goals and allows the manager to enter notes (critical incidents files) online. The software can track 360 reviews and send e-mail reminders when it is time for an employee or manager to complete evaluations. This type of software can allow for a smoother, more streamlined process. Of course, as with any new system, it can be time-consuming to set up and train managers and employees on how to use the system. However, many organizations find the initial time to set up software or web-based performance evaluation systems well worth the easier recording and tracking of performance goals.

No matter how the system is managed, it must be managed and continually developed to meet the ultimate goal—continuing development of employees.