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Activity 3

24 November, 2015 - 17:56

The file movie.xml contains the sample XML document in this section.

View the movie.xml file using Internet Explorer 5.0 (and up) or Mozilla Firefox. Try clicking the hyphen or plus sign next to the <movie> and <actorlist> tags.

  1. What happens to the tags when you click on them?

Save the files movie.xml and movie.css to your local drive by right-clicking their links.

  1. Open movie.xml in a text editor and type in the following code before the opening <movie> tag.

    <?xml-stylesheet type=text/css href=movie.css?>

    Make sure you type in the exact line that you see here, including all punctuation marks and white spaces.
    Save the movie.xml file and view the file in your Web browser again.
  2. How did the appearance of the XML document change after the reference to movie.css was added?