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Concepts, Perceptions and Beliefs

23 November, 2015 - 11:22
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How are concepts, beliefs and perceptions related?

I suppose it depends on which type of each of those is being referred to. For instance 'perception' could mean just simple visual perceptions or it could mean how the mind perceives emotional or conceptual phenomena. 'Belief' could mean beliefs that are independent of stimuli (that you think about at a random time) versus beliefs a person forms from current incoming stimuli.

Conceptual phenomena can vary considerably. There are simple concepts like understanding the purposes of objects - those are definitional concepts. Other concepts concern human or animal behavior and an understanding of how they achieve certain goals. Other concepts are more emotional and concern beliefs and motivated goals, or abstract emotional concepts like in politics, history or the news (such as human events and affairs).

I guess the important question to ask then is how do those three ideas - conceptual thinking, perceptions and beliefs relate to each other considering the differing topics involved.

For instance, for any perceptual stimuli a concept, belief or abstract perception could be formed.