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An Idea of Mental Abilities­ Cognition, Language and Developtnent

26 January, 2016 - 17:36
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What is the relationship between cognition and language, and how do those processes develop?

When someone learns something new they are going to think about it in some way. Words assist learning, and the choice of words that someone uses is going to influence the meaning behind what is learned.

That isn't necessarily the case, however. It could be that your unconscious mind has an emotional understanding of the knowledge, and the words you use simply point to this understanding - and if you happened to use different words it could point to the same understanding.

Words Assist Learning

  • Words assist learning everything - for whatever topic in life you think about with words, the fact that you use words to think about the experience or whatever it is helps understanding.
  • Although that doesn't mean that in every case if you think more with words you'll understand something better.
  • Life is about various types of emotional understanding, and words can assist or even possibly hinder this understanding.
  • So when a baby uses a word like 'goed' - that has an emotional understanding for the baby. The word might not seem to make any sense, but it means something to the baby.
  • Etc.