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Oh, Those Pesky Resisters (and Tyrants, Time Bomers, Snipers, Back-Satbbers, Underminers, Connivers, Plotters, and Rumor Mongers) !!

14 December, 2015 - 16:34
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Most dangerous and detrimental to efforts to implement new programs to improve teaching and learning are the saboteurs: those teachers who not aren't interested in new programs, but are actually committed to stopping new ideas. Saboteurs can stop innovation in its tracks. They are very astute at knowing how to change directions - even by enlisting support from other staff, community, and board members. Schlechty posits that "the best place to have saboteurs is on the inside where they can be watched rather than the outside where they can cause trouble without being detected until the effects have been felt" (p. 218).