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Resisters and Saboteurs

30 December, 2015 - 12:40
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Class Objectives

  • To understand and comprehend the existence of resisters and saboteurs in a school building and/or district.
  • To help the aspiring principal think about positive solutions and strategies.
  • To develop a realistic and workable plan to deal with resistance within the school organization.


  • Read Phillip Schlechty's Five Types of Actors Click Here to access entire article
  • Read Creighton's Resisters and Saboteurs Below.....
  • Discuss Field Activity #3 and Peer Review

Field Activity #3

Give your particular school site a snapshot look into the "existence (or non-existence)" of Schlechty's Five Types of Actors. Submit a two-four page analysis paper of what you observe. Obviously, no names of teachers or principal.