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Assessing Teacher Performance

30 December, 2015 - 12:49
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Class Objectives

  • To determine the rationale for employee performance evaluation.
  • To identify the barriers to teacher evaluation.
  • To develop strategies and steps for helping struggling teachers.


  • Re-read Hoerr's Chapter 6, Evaluating Teacher Growth.
  • Supplemental reading below (Teacher Evaluation and the Use of Technology).
  • Print off a hard copy of Teacher Evaluation Report and Performance Indicators (Rebore, 2007) CLICK HERE and bring to class.
  • Construct a written Memorandum for documentation purposes on a personnel matter. CLICK HERE to access Guidelines for writing the memorandum.

NOTE: The following is a chapter in The Principal as Technology Leader (2003) authored by Theodore Creighton, and published by Corwin Press. Though an apparent theme is technology implementation, this chapter is about "the assessment of teacher performance," and is applicable to all aspects of the role of the principal in the administration of personnel. As you read and reflect upon this material, I encourage you to substitute any of the many issues you deal with in your schools for the topic of technology implementation.