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Importance of Assessing Teacher Performance

14 December, 2015 - 17:24
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The tasks and responsibilities of a school principal, though often daunting, certainly include the assurance that "excellence in teaching" is the centerpiece of a division's agenda. Supervision of the instructional process is the "quality control" element of student learning, and teacher evaluation is an important element of that quality control, as well as an important element of effective leadership by the principal. When a teacher is performing in a marginally effective manner and the principal does not confront the teacher with the problem, then the principal is also performing in a marginal manner (Smith, 1998). We currently appraise the performance of teachers for the following reasons, among others:

  • Appraisal fosters the self-development of each teacher.
  • Appraisal helps to identify a variety of tasks that the teacher is capable of performing.
  • Appraisal helps to identify staff development needs.
  • Appraisal helps to improve performance.
  • Appraisal helps to determine the placement, transfer, or promotion of a teacher.
  • Appraisal helps to determine if a teacher should be retained in the division or district. (Rebore, 2007, p. 221)