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A Caution to the Principal as Technology Leader

15 December, 2015 - 13:04
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Although our understanding of learning has changed dramatically, the role of the computer in learning has pretty much remained the same - as a tutorial aid, comprised mostly of drill and practice activities. Herein lies the caution! Research seems to indicate that "technology has not radically changed the way we teach; instead, most technology mirrors traditional instructional pedagogy"(Nicaise & Barnes, 1996, p. 205). "Most uses of technology are still based on the oldest learning theory of all, the master-apprentice, one-on-one tutorial, with monitor substituting for teacher as the tutor" (Callister & Dunne, 1992, as cited in Pepi & Barnes, 1996, p. 231). Critically looking at our appetite for computer technology, Pepi and Barnes warn:

As much reason exists to believe that computer technology will reinforce and maintain the traditional role of the teacher as to believe it will become the agent of positive institutional reform. An inherent danger in accepting technology as the catalyst for educational restructuring is that such a view enables us to ignore a more fundamental problem facing our schools, namely bad teaching. (p. 231)