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Implications for Technology Leader and Staff Development

15 December, 2015 - 13:04
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A major role for the principal as instructional leader (and technology leader) is to provide appropriate staff development programs that allow teachers to enhance skills and remedy deficiencies (Rebore, 1998, p. 163). As the principal evaluates and supervises teachers, staff development programs are essentially the vehicle for effective instructional use of technology. The all-to-common practice of the "let's have a workshop" continues to make a bad situation worse.

Before we proceed with creating technology staff development programs, we must also agree to the importance of support and supervision during the implementation of new programs. Educators (Glatthorn, 1995; Rebore, 1998) point to the fact that a major reason why teachers perceive professional development activities as ineffective is because they receive little support for implementing newly acquired skills and ideas, and a lack of supervision during implementation.